Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day: It's Alright With Me

Well, I guess I should blog about Valentine's Day. I do it every year. It is not my favorite holiday, but it is not my least favorite holiday either. I don't love the commercialism surrounding Valentine's, but I don't really like the commercialism surrounding Christmas, Halloween, or Easter. And did you know they are already displaying St. Patrick's Day paraphernalia in discount stores? I didn't even know that was a thing.

But aside from the corporate marketing that turns Valentine's Day into a reflection of America's greedy consumerism, it is alright with me. Here are a few of the reasons why:

1. Flowers
My husband, Dan, gets me flowers - usually red roses - on Valentine's Day. That's nice. The only other time I get flowers from him is when I am performing in theater productions. One time, he forgot to get me flowers after a show, and I gave him the silent treatment. Now, I get flowers on Valentine's Day and after musical performances. Not that he wouldn't get me flowers on other occasions . . . if I asked. But we are not very spontaneous people.

2. Lots of chocolate
I actually started enjoying Valentine's Day when I became a teacher, before I even met Dan. Why? Because as a music teacher who sees 600+ students a week, I get lots of chocolate on Valentine's Day. Yes, I get One Direction fake tattoos and Sponge Bob Square Pants stickers, but the chocolate makes it all worth it. And those little paper valentines that have been bought in bulk since the dawn of humankind are kind of cute. Besides, it keeps me updated on what's cool for young people nowadays.

3. No kids
A couple of weeks ago, I told some of my colleagues, "I have to leave our February 14 meeting right on time. Not to rub it in, but I don't have any kids. That makes my husband and me DINKS (Double Income No Kids), and that means date night every night. Oh yeah!"

Of course, my teacher friends laughed, but a few of them mentioned not being able to get rid of their kids long enough to actually have a date night. That made me a little sad. But I am sure I am missing out on the many joyful rewards and fresh outlook on life that children bring with them after they spring from your (and that would be "my," not Dan's) womb.

4. Nice dinner 
Even though I just made my DINK lifestyle sound hip and happening and wild, Dan and I usually just go out to dinner on Valentine's Day. We might catch a movie if the holiday of love falls on a weekend. But I can't really stay up past 9:00 during this time of the school year. I end up falling asleep right after dinner anyway.

Dan and I thought about trying a new restaurant this year. That thought lasted for about five minutes.

"So . . . Asiago's?

"Yeah, it's my favorite."

"Mine too."


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