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Saturday, August 20, 2016

As Summer Draws to a Close . . . (RE-POST from 8/22/15)

Summer is drawing to a close once again. It seems like it goes by quicker every year. Here is last year's summer's end blog post, originally published 8/22/15. 

My summer is drawing to a close in the best way possible. Unfortunately, because I am having such a great time, I am also finding it difficult to update my blog. I will just share a few of the highlights from the past couple of weekends. Maybe I'll be able to go into more detail later (especially about the cutie in the middle of the page) . . .

1. Rise Against: My husband, Dan, and I went to the Rise Against concert. Dan (yes, quiet Ninja Dan!) actually asked some strangers if we could share their table. This was mostly for my benefit since I have a hard time seeing at concerts. They were happy to share because it meant they could take smoke breaks, and we could save their seats. They also told us we looked about their age . . . twenty-four.

Best. Concert Friends. Ever.

2. Visiting My New Nephew: The morning after the concert, Dan and I drove to Pocatello to meet Desmond, my new nephew. He was only five days old at that time, and I am hoping to go into more detail in the next few weeks, once my schedule calms down. (P.S. I did get permission from my brother and sister-in-law to plaster these adorable photos all over my blog!)

This picture raised some eyebrows on Facebook, like, "Hey, look what happened to Dan and me over the weekend!"

This is the father, guys, calm down.

3. Rehearsals for Chess the Musical: Rehearsals are in full force for the latest production. I chose this as a highlight because I get to be in a show with, not only gorgeous music, but some of my favorite people as well. You may remember my "chess experience" blog post from a couple of weeks ago.

4. Shakespeare: Dan and I watched our penultimate Idaho Shakespeare Festival production for the season. It is always sad to have to wait another year for more Shakespeare, but we really enjoyed watching King Lear last weekend.

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