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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Vacation Top Fives

I am not ashamed to "phone in" my blog this weekend. That's what my husband, Dan, calls it when I publish a simple top five (or ten or twenty) list as my weekly post. (BuzzFeed has become quite popular following this format, by the way.)

Anyway, my loyal readers lead busy lives, and sometimes it's nice to just skim through a list and look at pretty pictures. So here it is. My summer vacation 2014 top fives.

As an added bonus, I have also included Dan's top fives. We did not consult each other when creating these lists, so these are truly his top fives and not just a list of stuff I told him to say.

Becky's Top Fives:

5. Shopping in Bend
Bend, Oregon is a hip city with lots of fun downtown restaurants, boutiques, and . . . COFFEE SHOPS. (I've become slightly addicted over the summer. To coffee, that is.)

4. Harry and David
We stayed in Medford, Oregon, home to Harry and David. And Harry and David equals chocolate.

3. Bookstore in Ashland, Oregon
Now you know. I prefer hanging out in bookstores to eating chocolate. The first thing Dan does when we travel to a new city is look for the closest local bookstore (for me) and record store (for him). I can hang out in bookstores for hours. I lead a simple life.

2. Hiking at Crater Lake
Crater Lake National Park is beautiful and a little less Disneyland than Yellowstone. And if you actually hike the trails, you can even enjoy a little solitude here and there.
1. Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Dan and I attended the Oregon Shakespeare Festival four years ago. It was a quick trip over spring break. We saw one play and had to leave the next morning. This year, we spent a little more time in Ashland, and we saw two amazing shows, Into the Woods and A Wrinkle in Time. They did not disappoint!

Dan's Top Fives:

5. Plaikni Falls (at Crater Lake)

4. Into The Woods (OSF production)
3. A Wrinkle In Time (OSF production)

2. The Pinnacles (at Crater Lake)
1. Crater Lake from Watchman Lookout

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