Sunday, April 08, 2018

Best. Weekend. Ever. (RE-POST from 4/23/17)

I'm too busy hanging out with these little guys to update my blog this weekend. In fact, the newborn in the first picture is celebrating his first birthday this weekend. What? Already? Where does the time go? Enjoy this reread from last year. 

Best. Weekend. Ever.

I say this a lot, so I'm not sure whether or not you will believe that it was the "Best. Weekend. Ever.," or if I just had an extra shot of espresso right before I typed it.

I also arrived late to the put-a-period-after-every-word-to-add-emphasis party, so I apologize in advance to all of my friends who will be getting three-capitalized-punctuated-word comments from me on Facebook for the next few months.

If last weekend wasn't the Best. Weekend. Ever., it definitely ranked in my top five.

And why?

Last weekend, I was able to visit my brand new baby nephew, my almost-two-year-old nephew, my nieces on my husband's side, celebrate my husband's 40th birthday in a sort of funny way (more on that later), and celebrate Easter with my family.

When my almost-two-year-old nephew was born, you might remember he was one of the highlights of my summer that year. Nowadays, this particular nephew is obsessed with vacuum cleaners, brooms, and lawn mowers. He is growing into quite the character.

Since I can't quite put my Best. Weekend. Ever. into words, I thought I would show it. Enjoy!

THE BEST WEEKEND EVER (When Words Aren't Enough)





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