Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Obligatory Gratitude Post

Thanksgiving is in a few days, and if you stalk Facebook the way I do, you have probably seen the daily gratitude posts that pop up around this time of year. For example, the status reads, "Day 1: I am thankful for . . ." and then the person proceeds to tell - you every single day throughout the month of November - for what they are grateful.

The "30 Days of Gratitude" Facebook page states, "Did you know that, according to scientific research, people who focused on appreciation and gratitude were considerably happier, less likely to complain about physical ailments and even more likely to exercise and offer assistance to others?"

Well, I wanted to be considerably happier and less likely to complain about physical ailments. But I was pretty sure I couldn't come up with something every day for thirty days without sounding like a total sap. Plus, the stress of having to post a status everyday was guaranteed to cancel out the promises of increased considerable happiness and decreased complaints about physical ailments.

So I decided to blog about a few things from the past couple of weeks for which I am deeply grateful.

I am thankful that the kid with debilitating stage fright during a recent music program made it to the bathroom before he threw up. I am also thankful that he made it to the stage in time to say his line and that he didn't blow chunks mid-dialogue.

I am thankful that Props 1, 2, & 3 failed. Yay, Idaho, for not just taking what the preferred political party spoon fed you at face value. It showed real integrity on the part of Idaho voters.

I am thankful that no one saw me fall on my butt the other day while I was trying to pick up the car keys I had dropped on the sidewalk in front of my school. I am also grateful that no one turned me in for public intoxication because I wasn't drunk - really. I was just weighed down by a huge backpack and two other shoulder bags. Such is the life of a music teacher.

I am thankful for my tech guy husband. I have a 24/7 IT guy on call at my house. That's amazing. And my tech guy is very quiet, so I can pretty much talk as much as I want. He also helps me with all of the tech set up and manual labor at my school music programs and doesn't complain one bit. Of course, that could have something to do with the quiet-no-talking thing he has going on.

I would like to be thankful for world peace. Unfortunately, that doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon.

I guess there's not much more to say other than, Happy Thanksgiving, people!

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